Areas Of Service

Computer, network, and internet security. Analysis of everything available to track down the issue, whether it’s malware or a person.

Penetration testing of systems to check for weaknesses, and then assist with the corrections.

Data protection and encryption, and able to configure a system to any level of privacy, from none all the way to you being a ghost. Digital signatures, proof of ID, and verifying them.

Hide your identity online – it’s getting harder and harder these days with more and more layers of “smart” technology in the way. Convenience is the opposite of secure.

Analysis of wireless networks for intruders, attacks occurring within the network, and those on the outside that are trying to break in.

Experienced in cryptocurrency, .onion routing (Tor), the dark web, as well as safely purchasing several thousand things on the clearnet (usual internet, like eBay.) Domestic and international digital money transfers can be done.

Can set up your new Mac system to harden it against attacks. Apple has some really poor default security settings in some areas.

Set up of web servers, including self-hosted hardware, websites, and securing them and protecting your identity.

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